Forty five years will have passed since the premiere of the legendary staged MASS by Leonard Bernstein in 2016. Commemorate it with our new, spectacular production, with Vojtěch Dyk starring as the Celebrant!

The radical, distinctive, exclusive and provocative composition, brilliantly merging classical music, rock, jazz and musical theater aroused great emotion at its initial launch in 1971. Strictly speaking, it shocked. Especially the scene with the priest dancing at the altar had sparked outrage and its visualizing was considered almost sacrilegious. In the Czech Republic, the Mass in its complete form was staged in 1997 in the courtyard of the Prague Castle. The role of the Boy was performed by the young Vojtěch Dyk, who is starring in the lead role now. The latest live performance in this country took place at the Moravian Autumn music festival in Brno in 2001.

The uniqueness of the new production of the MASS is enhanced by the first staging of the reduced version, which has been specially adapted for a smaller cast so as to be transferable to smaller halls and open to the general public. The content is unabridged, but the multicomponent ensemble is reduced to a smaller number of performers - even though the total number of performers still consists of about 100 people! Bernstein's Mass has never been staged in this form in the Czech Republic.

Leonard BernsteinLeonard Bernstein

The Mass was commissioned by Jacqueline Kennedy. Leonard Bernstein based the composition on the structure of the Catholic mass, but it contains numerous interpolations, reflections and meditations, rhythmic crowd scenes, bluesy confessions, rock-and-roll doubts and avant-garde instrumental parts based on 20th century symphonic music. Mass sections were composed with the Latin text, the added parts are in English. Despite mixed initial reception, the Bernstein's Mass is perceived as part of the best 20th century classical music due to its undeniable artistic quality. Along with the West Side Story and Chichester psalms it is one of the composer's masterpieces.

The last international stage performance of the Mass in its entirety dates back to 2012 when it was staged with a huge collection of mostly Welsh choral and orchestral ensembles conducted by Kristjan Järvi at the BBC Proms in London. The lead role was sung by the Danish baritone Morten Frank Larsen.


Michal and Šimon CabaniMichal and Šimon Cabani

directing and scenography

World-renowned directors, choreographers and writers, leading Czech theater and film artists. Authors and directors of the Carlsbad International Film festival opening ceremony, they worked at the International Television Festival Golden Prague, staged and directed the Academy of Popular Music Awards and many other events. Currently working on stage design, choreography and directing at the National Theatre in Prague, in the State Opera, the Municipal Theatre in Brno, the Moravian National Theatre in Ostrava, etc.


Jan KučeraJan Kučera


Conductor, composer and pianist, one of the most versatile Czech artists. As a composer he works in many areas – symphonic/chamber music and songs, including incidental music to over thirty theatre shows. He is a prolific arranger - he wrote symphonic adaptations of Jaroslav Ježek songs and several symphonic suites composed of songs and melodies from Czech films. He is the author of the Three Musketeers ballet and the Red Mary comic opera based on the cult radio series The Tlučhoř Family by prominent Czech comedians Oldřich Kaiser and Jiří Lábus. As a conductor, he regularly collaborates with leading Czech orchestras, with whom he has performed and recorded (and often premiered), in addition to his classical repertoire, over one hundred symphonic compositions by contemporary composers. He is the chief conductor of the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, he works with the Prague FOK Symphony Orchestra, the National Theater in Prague, Moravian-Silesian National Theater in Ostrava, the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra and many others. For his musical versatility and skills, he is often sought to produce multi-genre concerts, such as the very successful (18 sold out shows) recent staging of Kurt Weil's songs with Dagmar Pecková and the Epoque Orchestra in the Lucerna Music Hall in Prague.

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