Josef BuchtaJosef Buchta


Founder, bandleader and trumpeter of the B-Side Band is also the director of BUJOART, a music and advertising agency which organizes the Jazz Groove Brno, Čarodějáles and other festivals. In addition, he operates the Metro Music Bar, a prestigious music club in Brno featuring 250 concerts a year. As a musician, Josef Buchta worked with numerous major domestic and foreign ensembles. In recent years, his B-SIDE BAND has worked mainly with Vojtěch Dyk, resulting in sold-out tours and recordings enthusiastically received by critics and listeners alike (Live at La Fabrika, Deska or instrumental jazz album Meeting Point).


Lucie Netušilová KarafiátováLucie Netušilová Karafiátová

head of production

An experienced manager and producer, she participated in successful cultural events – the 80th birthday celebration of the Brno legendary trumpeter Jaromír Hnilička and the nationwide tour of Vojtěch Dyk & B-Side Band - Agrotec Tour 2012. She is a production manager in the BUJOART agency, where she primarily organizes the B-SIDE BAND concerts, Jazz Groove Brno and Čarodějáles festivals. Lucie Netušilová Karafiátová is also an accomplished singer, a permanent member and soloist of The Czech Ensemble Baroque, she performs with Collegium 1704 and she founded the Illegal Consort and Boutique de Musique ensembles.

tel: +420 723 463 540

public relations

The renowned PR agency has been active on the Czech market since the late 1990s, with a branch in Slovakia since 2006 and a branch in Český Krumlov since 2015. works primarily in the field of culture - literature, film, theater, dance, music, visual arts - lifestyle, luxury brands, catering and hotel services. The agency provides individualized personal PR and helps in charity. Its portfolio includes Argo, National Theatre Ballet, Bontonfilm and tours by leading bands, such as Lucie, Kryštof, award winning films Pelíšky and Želary, it participates in PR for the Zlín Film Festival and many other successful projects.



Tino KratochvilTino Kratochvil


Antonin Tino Kratochvíl is primarily news and documentary photographer. He is mainly associated with the Municipal Theatre Brno where he has been employed for more than 10 years and where he met Josef Buchta. He documents almost the entire Bujoart production - Čarodějáles Festival, concerts at the Metro Club and the Jazz Groove Brno. His cooperation with B-Side Band began before the arrival of Vojtěch Dyk and it fully developed during the first major tour. Now he documents almost every B-Side Band event, he is involved in visual presentations and the same applies to the Bernstein's MASS project.

More about his work at his website

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